November 12th, 2013 | admin

There are two ways one can get themselves enrolled as volunteers for BOFOD.

First contact us directly using the contact details available on the contact page here, to inquire if there any volunteer opportunities, and if there are, what are these opportunists and how does one apply/enroll?

The second option is through the SAFOD volunteer program which consists of three (3) main categories as follows:
(i) Beyond Horizons Programme
(ii) Baithaopi ba Batswana Programme
(iii) Internet Sem limites Programme

SAFOD is an umbrella federation at regional (SADC) level with affiliates in ten countries, including BOFOD in Botswana. Through any of their volunteer program, a volunteer may be seconded or tasked to directly support any of the SAFOD’s affiliates, including BOFOD. More information about this program can be accessed from SAFOD website here.

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