Good governance

November 10th, 2013 | admin

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BOFOD makes every effort to promote good governance among DPO members to inculcate their legitimacy in undertaking legislative accountability initiatives. The organisation will play a more active role in empowering member organisations in a bid to promote good democratic governance. In addition, deliberate efforts will be made to enhance civic competence by taking part in provision of civic education.

Capacity to deliver in the above key results areas will depend, to a very great extent, on the capacity and sustainability of the organisation. To realise this, BOFOD will make deliberate efforts to improve its performance and effectiveness. This will be attained by undergoing regular self-assessment and organisational development processes. The organisation will build a culture of learning and establish good working climate to maximise delivery potential of the priceless human resources. BOFOD will recruit and maintain qualified, experienced and competent personnel.

To mobilise financial and material resources, the organisation will sharpen resource winning skills, devise and operationalize a comprehensive resource winning strategy.

Deliberate efforts will be made to fundraise locally for long term institutional sustainability in addition to mobilise resources from other external donors and development partners. To inculcate adaptive management and institutional learning the organisation will develop and maintain a user-friendly monitoring and evaluation system.

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